All Women Deserve Love

Counselor, Chemical Dependency Professional, Ordained Pastor

Judy Hoff

What has your life experience taught you? If you spent your childhood being physically or emotionally abused, you have a different self-image than if you grew up in a well-adjusted loving family. However you were treated, you probably believe that you deserve it. If it’s love, it’s wonderful. If you think you deserve abuse, you can end up in a dangerous cycle that no one deserves.

Judy Hoff founded the visionary program, “Queen It’s A New Day” to stop this vicious cycle. Judy is a counselor, chemical dependency professional and ordained pastor. She worked on the streets, pulling prostitutes away from their pimps and grabbing children off the street. She built a community center and provided beds for the homeless. Yet all of these efforts did not stop their self-destructive cycle.

“Queen It’s A New Day” puts abused women on a new path of success and self-worth that they truly deserve. Twice a year, Judy and her team pull together community resources and provide a thorough make-over for 100 women. Day one is a complete physical makeover where each woman is honored as the queen she is. Day two contains workshops in job acquisition skills: resume writing, interviewing and more. Each woman leaves with tools she needs to live a productive, positive life, including a transformed belief in her own self-worth.

Judy says that putting a homeless heart into a home does not change a life. They have to see their own value through love verses unworthiness. Others say that Judy loves the broken until they can love themselves.

Judy works to get every community to launch a “Queen It’s A New Day” program. Learn more and hear her inspirational stories in this fantastic conversation full of hope and possibilities.
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